Virgin Acrylic Opportunities

Reasons to Buy

"Reasons to Buy" is a serious title and we want to empower you to make the right choices with the right materials for the right reasons.

We've sold over $1.5Million worth of the product so we here're our homework for Acrylic Dividers/Sneeze Guards.

It's Everywhere

  •  Provincial Governments across Canada have not only suggested it they've actually taken action on it. BC- point 2AB pg 6 of 18ON (under physical distancing)
  • Expectations for peaking are uncertain. No one knows when, but it's not going away quickly. News
  • Outbreaks continue to happen - vigilance is still needed.

There's a Difference

  • There is a difference between Virgin and Recycled Acrylic. Buy Virgin - (See comparison) If not be ready for early fogging, scratching, lower opacity or quicker discolouring from UV damage
  • Clean using the right products and follow the cleaning instructions.          Email us for tips.
  • Buy once - we've all seen poor example falling apart in a store that ruins an experience. I've personally seen a hanging screen fall on someone.

Make More Money

Enforcement is happening based on government guidelines, staff concerns, and outbreaks.
By setting up stores properly we've stopped closures, satisfied staff, kept clients free from government enforcement, and allowed them to entertain more clients while staying open.

-Protect your staff.  Protected = Friendly Staff = Happy Customers = Repeat Business +  Less Downtime.
-Using dividers at tables and workspaces to maximize occupancy and cashflow reliably. (see pictures)
-Ensure consumer physical and psychological safety - encouraging the return to business, while keeping the atmosphere friendly.

Pictures and More Information Below

Custom or Stock Work Available

Last Thoughts:

-We Recommend 1/8" on-screen wings, 3/16" on hanging screens and 3/8" on direct impact areas no matter what you do.
-We have the stock supplied and ready to go. No waiting - cut locally in Kelowna and Vancouver and ready to ship. 

Order with your reponline @ or contact me if you don't have a rep.
As always orders are handled on a first come first serve basis and we look forward to the opportunity to keep you safe.

Stay Strong & Fight Hard
Josh + Team Westkey | Xibita