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Q: How long does it take an order to ship?
A: That all depends on your location, currently everything is shipping from British Columbia. See the chart below for some examples:

Alberta 2 days
Saskatchewan 2 days
Manitoba 3 days
Ontario 4 - 5 days
Quebec 5 - 6 days

Q: How long do products take to produce?
A: 2-4 business days for Posters, Tent cards, Decals, Banner Stands, Warehouse Signage, Sandwich Boards, 10-14 business days for tents, flags, isolation booths and street signage. Sneeze Guards, and Office Guards are resuming production on Jun 4th. Email for info. Anything customized will take longer depending on the complexity of the request.

Q: What if I want higher quantities or custom artwork?
A: Please drop us a note on our Contact Form, or send an email to joshm@westkeygraphics.com. Please include as much information as possible about your request.

Q: Do you do design work?
A: Absolutely. We have a team of busy designers ready to customize your project from the ground up or just simple artwork adjustments.

Q: Do you manufacture everything printed in house?
A: Yes! Westkey is proud to manufacture all printed items in house, including the sneeze guards included. The only exceptions are the promotional items, masks, and gloves.

Q: Do you do referral programs?
A: We do! Please contact joshm@westkeygraphics.com with the subject line "Referral Program Inquiry".

Q: Can I work for you?
A: We would love to hear from you. Right now we have too much to deal with to onboard new staff but we love good people. Send your resume to sales@westkeygraphics.com and we will let you know as soon as things normalize.